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Family Law

Domestic Violence Solicitors

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, our knowledgeable and reliable family law solicitors can help to protect you and your family. Everyone should be able to live without fear for their safety, and we are here to help you. 

It is extremely important that you work with a solicitor that you can rely on to have your best interests at heart. At Clough & Willis Solicitors, our friendly, supportive legal experts have dealt with many domestic violence cases, and we are dedicated to offering the utmost care to help you to resolve your situation quickly. 

Our solicitors are recognised by family law organisation Resolution as a specialist in this field. This means we are respected for our work to help individuals who are affected by domestic violence. 

Do not suffer in silence, contact us today by calling 0800 083 0815 or you can complete an online enquiry form on this page and we will contact you at a time that is suitable for you. We will handle your case with the utmost discretion. 

How we can help

Clough & Willis Solicitors is committed to helping the victims of domestic abuse to seek justice. 

We are family law specialists. We advise and represent male and female partners, as well as other family relations, subject to verbal and physical assaults or harassment. 

Our professional and knowledgeable lawyers will listen to your case and work hard for a resolution. 

We are committed to encouraging a non-confrontational approach to resolving family disputes and can advise on your legal rights regarding:  

  • getting an injunction against your partner
  • residence orders
  • non-molestation orders (forbidding assaulting, harassing, pestering or intimidating you)
  • child contact orders and occupation orders (regulating who can live in the family home restricting your abuser/assailant from coming within a certain distance of the home) 

Our legal experts can help you to: 

  • Apply for a court order to protect you from violence, threats and harassment
  • Apply for a court order to stop the perpetrator from entering or coming near your home
  • Ensure your children are protected
  • Seek divorce from an abusive partner
  • Resolve any financial issues 

Reporting domestic violence

We always recommend domestic violence is first reported to the police. If court proceedings are necessary, the involvement - or lack of involvement - of the police would usually be an initial consideration for the judge. 

The court can make orders to forbid violence and harassment (known as non-molestation orders). A breach of a non-molestation order is now a criminal offence, which can lead to arrest and may also warrant a long custodial sentence if proven.

A Power of Arrest can also be granted to the police concerning breaches of an Occupation Order, which will restrain a party from attending or being within the vicinity of the home.

What is domestic violence?

A victim of domestic violence can be of any gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, and domestic abuse itself can be carried out by a family member, not only a partner or spouse. 

Abuse of this kind can take many forms, including: 

  • Physical violence
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Name calling/taunting
  • Harassment
  • Financial abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Threatening behaviour 

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