Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors

Every business needs to pay close attention to its cashflow, backed by a rigid system of credit control. When pursuing outstanding invoices becomes a problem, the entire business is put at risk - which is why companies in this position may need help from the commercial debt recovery solicitors at Clough & Willis Solicitors. 

Our commercial law team offers a number of services relating to business debt recovery and credit control, including: 

At Clough & Willis Solicitors, we deliver highly personalised business-to-business debt recovery services, taking into account your specific circumstances and business goals, and keeping you updated at all stages of the process. 

To speak to one of our expert commercial debt recovery solicitors, call us on 0800 083 0815, or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back. 

How we can help

At Clough & Willis Solicitors, we understand that business debt recovery processes require a responsive and pragmatic legal approach, taking into account all of the commercial considerations of all the parties involved. 

This is why we offer the most personalised, transparent service possible. Unlike with a national debt recovery agency, all aspects of the Clough & Willis Solicitors claim process will be handled by a single dedicated commercial debt recovery solicitor, who will deal with all of your calls, letters and queries, and will be available to see you in person whenever necessary. 

Our service will always be tailored to meet your specific requirements, regardless of whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company of any size, or whether you are dealing with a small one-off debt or large ongoing bulk debts. We recognise the importance of your claim to you and your business, and will provide progress updates on a regular basis. 

Our business debt recovery team is led by Clough & Willis partner Fiona Gaskell, alongside senior associate Grahame Henry. Both are highly experienced dispute resolution solicitors who have been delivering positive outcomes for businesses of all sizes for many decades. 

Our services

Clough & Willis’ commercial debt recovery solicitors are able to provide the following services: 

Letters before action or late payment demands

We can send late payment demands or letters warning of potential action from as little as £25. This item of legal correspondence sends a clear sign to your debtor that meaningful steps are being taken to recover the money they owe. 

We have found that this is often enough to encourage people to pay the money they owe, with no further legal action needed. We recover over 85% of debts owed to our clients using this method. 

County court proceedings

If your debtor fails to pay after receiving the letter of demand, the next step will be to issue court proceedings. 

After an initial discussion about the best approach for the desired outcome, the necessary court documents will usually be prepared and sent to you the day we receive your instructions. You will be updated at every stage of the process. 

Disputed claims

If your debtor disputes the claim that is made against them, they may attempt to defend it or even make a counterclaim. 

Whether we have issued the claim on your behalf - or you have done it yourself and are unsure of the next steps - we will discuss who is best-suited to advise you further, while ensuring you are aware of the associated costs in each case. 

Bankruptcy and winding up petitions

In certain cases, insolvency proceedings may be more effective than normal County Court proceedings in the recovery of your personal or business debt, as this may allow money to be recovered from your debtor’s assets. 

If you are seeking to pursue this approach, get in touch with a member of our business debt recovery team for further guidance. 

Our fees

We guarantee that there are no hidden costs attached to our commercial debt recovery service. 

At each stage, we will inform you of all of the expenses involved and explain which costs are recoverable; our service for undisputed debts offers unrivalled cost-effectiveness, and if the claim becomes defended, you will be alerted immediately to discuss the available options. 

For additional information and examples of our pricing, visit our debt recovery fees page

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