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If you are living with another person to whom you are not married, having a cohabitation agreement in place can help provide peace of mind that your rights and assets will be protected if your living arrangement breaks down. By speaking to the specialist cohabitation agreement solicitors at Clough & Willis, we can help you to achieve this.

Our specialist family law solicitors can prepare a comprehensive cohabitation contract and can help you through each stage of the process of drafting this document, ensuring you have a strong understanding of the implications of the agreement and its wording. This will allow you and the other members of your household to come to a mutually satisfactory cohabitation agreement that caters to the needs of everyone involved.

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How we can help

The family law team at Clough & Willis has significant expertise in putting together a legal cohabitation contract for unmarried partners, or other individuals who are seeking to formalise a cohabitation arrangement. 

As part of our service, we will: 

  • provide legal advice on the full legal implications of signing a cohabitation agreement
  • inform you of the legal and financial documentation you will need to put together a cohabitation agreement
  • develop a schedule for the legal process and keep you informed as to progress
  • draft the final version of the document, ensuring it reflects your wishes and responsibilities of all the parties involved 

Throughout this process, we will advise you of all the legal issues that you need to consider when putting together a cohabitation agreement in the UK, ensuring you have included all of the most important details, and making sure that the final wording will be interpreted the right way by a court in case of a future dispute. 

Our cohabitation agreement solicitors will always aim to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible, and that the document reflects your individual needs and circumstances. This means we will endeavour to explain all aspects of the legal procedure to you in the clearest way possible, and keep you in the loop at every stage. 

What is a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is a legal contract setting out the rules for how a living arrangement involving multiple people will work. It can be entered into by any individuals choosing to live together, whether they be an unmarried couple or cohabitants with some other relationship - for example, two brothers purchasing a home together. 

Also known as “living together agreements”, these documents serve as a declaration as to how property will be held, the circumstances in which it should be sold and how the proceeds will be divided when the property is sold. It can also cover matters such as the respective contribution to utility bills, mortgage payments, insurance arrangements and other household expenditure, as well as the consequences of not abiding to the terms of the contract. 

Many individuals who live together find cohabitation agreements to be a useful way of setting down practical guidelines for how the relationship with their partner or co-resident will work. In the event that this breaks down, these agreements can make the process of exiting this living arrangement much clearer and less stressful. 

For more information about cohabitation agreements for unmarried couples and other types of cohabitation contract, check out our cohabitation FAQs, or our dedicated guide to cohabitation agreements. 

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