Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Partnership Disputes

If two or more people are in business together for profit, without having formed a company, they are in partnership - even if they don't realise it.  Unfortunately, not all partnerships work out, and disputes can take place that put the future of a company in doubt.

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Common disputes

In many cases, partner disputes arise because one or more heads of a business believe one of the partners is not keeping their end of the deal, is failing to pull their weight, or is keeping an unfair share of the profits for themselves.  Often, this situation results in one or more partners leaving the agreement, either by expulsion, or by serving their notice.

When this happens, one party may claim for damages, or an alternative form of relief such as:

  • Compensation for any losses incurred by the partnership for breaches of contractual duties
  • An account of the profits
  • Forfeiture of costs
  • An injunction to prevent certain events from taking place

In most cases, outgoing partners will look to exercise their right to be paid all profits due to them under the original terms of the partnership agreement.

Many partnership agreements will feature a clause giving the other partners the right to expel a member in the event that the other parties think it is in the best interested of the agreement, even if the individual(s) in questions have not breached any provisions of the partnership.

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