Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Commercial Mediation

If you are looking for a team of legal experts to help resolve a business-related dispute via commercial mediation, the specialist solicitors at Clough & Willis can help you. 

Our team are experienced in undergoing mediation and have had some considerable success on behalf of clients who have been able to avoid the costs, expenses and uncertainty of a trial or final hearing. 

We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience and our ability to resolve complex disputes  quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 

To speak to our solicitors, based in Bolton and Bury, about our commercial mediation and dispute resolution services, call 0800 083 0815 or complete the online enquiry form on the side of this page and we will get back to you.

What is mediation?

The term mediation has become widely used in the context of resolving disputes, but there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty about what exactly mediation is and what it can do. 

Mediation is essentially a process through which two parties settle a dispute with the help of an intermediary - the mediator - usually through a meeting or series of meetings. 

The mediator has no authority to impose a settlement, but can suggest ways in which a  dispute may be compromised or settled.

Benefits of commercial mediation

There are a number of benefits to choosing commercial mediation to attempt to resolve a dispute. 

They include: 

  • Avoiding court - in most cases, mediation means not having a court hearing, though where the parties have already issued proceedings the settlement will usually be recorded in a court order .
  • Quicker settlements – court cases can take months or even years, whereas the parties can agree a to participate in mediation at any time which can lead to much earlier settlements although this will depend upon how complex the issues are.
  • Reduced costs - quicker settlements can result in reduced costs for each party.
  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes - in mediation, the parties involved in the dispute have control of proceedings, meaning that they have a much greater say in negotiations and greater control of the outcome than in a court case.
  • Preserved relationships - mediation focuses on communication and collaboration, and, because the parties have agreed the outcome there is better chance that relationships can be preserved.
  • Privacy - Mediation is confidential and takes place in private rather than in a public courtroom.  As a result the outcome will not become a matter of public record. 

Our commercial mediation services

The solicitors at Clough & Willis can guide you through mediatisation in a range of cases and scenarios, including, but not limited to: 

  • Company disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

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If you require support on any aspect of dispute resolution, we can advise you on the available methods and guide you through the legal process. Each case will be managed by a solicitor selected for the specific requirements of your case, and we have expert boundary dispute solicitors with a wealth of experience in this specific area.

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