Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Commercial Injunctions

Put simply, an injunction is a court order that either sets out something that someone is required to do, or something which they are prohibited from doing. An injunction can be sought as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a wider dispute or court case.

Commercial injunctions are complex. Those looking for help with this type of legal proceeding should make sure they work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can effectively guide them.

Here at Clough & Willis Solicitors, we have an expert commercial injunctions team who have the ability to work through even the most complex case. For legal advice, call us today on 0800 083 0815, or fill out an online enquiry form.

How are injunctions used?

Injunctions are a widely used legal solution, which can be utilised in all kinds of cases. Common reasons for using this procedure include:

  • Infringement - copyright, patent, trademark, etc.
  • Discrimination
  • Contempt - both civil and criminal
  • Disclosure - of sensitive information
  • Preserving assets - to prevent money or property being hidden, disposed of or removed from the country
  • Protecting privacy - to prevent release of sensitive personal or confidential business information
  • Restrictive Covenants - employment and contracts for services or property covenants 

The nature of injunctions mean that our clients need us to move extremely quickly, and we have the knowledge and the skills to be able to offer swift solutions in all cases. For serious matters, it is possible for our solicitors to obtain a commercial injunction within a day. 

How we can help

We act for companies and individuals seeking injunctions and opposing them, in matters in the High Court in Manchester and the Royal Courts of Justice in London. 

We have sought/opposed injunctions in the following areas:

  • Defamation
  • Insolvency
  • Patent
  • Directors' disputes
  • Commercial disputes 

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