Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Tribunals

The specialist commercial law specialists at Clough & Willis Solicitors are on hand to offer high-quality advice to employers relating to tribunals. We understand that this process can be incredibly stressful, and are dedicated to assisting throughout. 

From our offices in Bury and Bolton, we have helped many business clients to secure the outcome they desire in an employment tribunal, meaning we are well placed to offer sound advice that is reliable and easy to understand. 

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What to do if you are called to a tribunal

Sometimes, there is no way an employer can avoid being summoned to an employment tribunal. In some instances: 

  • You may feel you have a strong case and wish to defend it all the way
  • You may acknowledge that your case has weaknesses, but the other side is being unrealistic
  • You may wish to set a precedent to your workforce 

If you are summoned to an employment tribunal, it is vital your case is properly presented by a specialist solicitor due to the formal nature of this process. Legal issues discussed in this process are becoming increasingly complex as employment law evolves, and this has become evident in the increasing number of solicitors and barristers appearing at the employment tribunal. 

We are extremely experienced in preparing and presenting cases at employment tribunals, and regularly appear on behalf of employers to achieve the best possible results for our clients. 

We are very pragmatic in our approach and commercially minded when considering claims balanced against costs. Even when we have been consulted on claims at a late stage or after the hearing, we have managed to reduce potential losses.

Fees For Employment Tribunal Work

It is stressful enough when a company faces an Employment Tribunal claim without the worry of how much it will cost to defend. You may even feel forced to settle a claim that you could successfully defend just because of the uncertainty of legal fees. 

Fees will vary on a case by case basis; however we will provide you with a no-obligation fixed fee quote at the outset.

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