Employment Law

Employment Law

Core Protection from Clough & Willis

With more companies and employees moving to remote or hybrid working there are many practical and legal implications for employers to consider.   Failing to follow processes could result in your business facing legal action.  It is therefore important you seek specialist legal advice.

Core Protection from Clough & Willis has been developed to help firms navigate the practical and legal implications that come with employees working from home and other types of flexible working arrangements

Clients of Core Protection can choose from a range of bespoke policies and procedures together with helpful guides that will help smooth the process and protect all parties, options include:

Recruitment - ensuring fair recruitment policies are in place

Managing requests - how to handle and manage requests for hybrid working fairly

People management - how to deal with staff working from home, including how to supervise and monitor performance

Health, safety and wellbeing - employers are responsible for an employee’s health and safety even when employees are working remotely, this will include conducting risk assessments

Equipment - policies on managing the equipment employees require in order to carry out their role, how will this be funded, installed and maintained and who has access to it  

Working hours - guidance on changes to hours of work and flexibility

Salary and expenses - advice on changes to salary, benefits and expenses 

Data protection - support on data protection obligations, including how will files and data are transferred between the office and home​​​​​​​ 

Insurance - advice on ensuring employers check both their own and their employees’ personal home insurances to confirm there is no significant uninsured liability for either party

Over the last few years there has been a huge shift in how all businesses operate, and the emergence of remote and hybrid working is revolutionising our daily lives. It’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere – especially as the recruitment market is incredibly tough in many sectors with workers now seeing the option as a must have.

The onus is on employers to make the process work. Failing to ensure they navigate the legal aspects of flexible working, alongside offering practical help and support, could result in unwanted and costly actions against them.

Therefore it is important to check your employment contracts to ensure that they meet both yours and current employment law requirements.

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