Dispute Resolution Services

Dispute Resolution Services

Residential Possession Fees For Undisputed Claims

We would always recommend an initial meeting and/or review of the papers at a fixed fee of £250. For this we
will check the tenancy agreement, ascertain whether a deposit has been taken and how it is held, consider whether the
tenant is in rent arrears and advise on the prospects of recovery of rent arrears depending upon the method of possession proceedings selected, prepare and serve either a Section 21 Notice or a Section 8 Notice.

Once the Notice of possession has been served the following fixed charges will apply:

Accelerated possession procedure - Section 21*  

Preparing and issuing proceedings at Court  £250
Requesting Judgment  £50
Applying for Warrant of possession and liaising with you concerning bailiff's appointment      £220 

Possession proceedings based on rent arrears - Section 8*

Issuing proceedings   £300
Preparing For and Conducting Court Hearing  £400
Applying for Warrant of possession and liaising with you
concerning bailiff's appointment 

The charges set out above are exclusive of VAT.  The applicable rate of VAT will be added to those charges.

*in certain circumstances once proceedings are issued matters may change which could result in us being unable to complete the work for the fixed fee shown above.  In such situations we will advise you immediately.

Court Fees

The Court charges fees for the issue of proceedings which are currently £355 (inc VAT) and a further fee of £121 (inc VAT) to issue a Warrant of possession.  These fees are in addition to our own charges and are subject to increase by the Court from time to time.

Agency fees

The fees set out above for attending Court are based on a possession hearing taking place at Bury County Court.  If the property is situated outside the jurisdiction of Bury County Court then we will appoint an agent to attend and conduct the hearing on your behalf.  There will be an additional charge to you for this, but we will discuss that and agree terms with you in advance.  Alternatively, if you wish us to cover that hearing then we will advise you of the additional charges in dealing with that on your behalf.

The fees set out above are based on the tenant raising no dispute concerning the basis of the possession proceedings and on the assumption that there will be no Court hearing in relation to the accelerated possession procedure and that only one hearing will be required in the proceedings based on rent arrears.  Should that not be the case, then additional charges will be incurred and we will advise you of the likely amount.

As far as possible we will endeavour to ensure that the method of possession chosen by you will result in the Court making an Order for possession against your tenant.  For those reasons we will always advise you to choose a ground for possession which will result in a mandatory Order for possession wherever possible.    

Disputed Matters

If the matter becomes disputed, any additional work engaged by us over and above the normal steps identified above, will be charged at an hourly rate.

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