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Commercial Property

Commercial Property Disputes

Are you involved in a dispute relating to commercial property and looking for advice from a specialist solicitor on how to resolve it? 

Our team of experienced dispute resolution and commercial property solicitors work with many clients across a range of sectors to help them achieve a quick, satisfactory outcome while at the same time - where possible - avoiding the cost, stress and expense of court proceedings. 

However, if litigation is necessary, we have all the experience and expertise to guide you through the process. 

To speak to our solicitors, based in Bolton and Bury, about our commercial property dispute resolution services, call 0800 083 0815 or complete the online enquiry form on the side of this page and we will get back to you.

Types of commercial dispute

We can provide legal advice on a wide range of commercial property law disputes, including the below:

Termination of leases and lease renewals

If you are a landlord who needs specialist legal advice on the termination of the commercial lease, because you believe the contract has been broken by the tenant, we can help. 

Similarly if you are a tenant that has been threatened with the termination of a lease, we can offer you the legal support you need and make sure you understand your rights as a commercial tenant. 

We have considerable experience of acting for landlords and tenants in connection with the renewal of business leases. 

Rent and service charge disputes

We act for clients involved in disputes relating to rent review clauses within commercial leases and disputes concerning service charges.

Rent and service charge recovery 

If you need the help of a solicitor to recover arrears from a tenant, whether in the form of rent or service charges, our commercial dispute resolution solicitors have a strong track record of success in cases of this kind.

Boundary disputes  

If you are involved in an issue relating to a boundary we can help you. 

Disputes like this are often complex and plans maybe inconclusive.  However, we have many years of experience resolving issues of this kind.

Adverse possession

If someone has been using your land as their own for a period of 10-12 years, they could apply to be registered as the owners of that land. This is a particularly complex area of property law.  We are here to offer you the legal advice you need to successfully oppose an adverse possession claim or indeed make such a claim.


If you are in dispute concerning an easement which may include a right of way, a right to park or a right to use a septic tank, drains or pipes passing over someone else’s land then please contact us we have considerable experience in this area.

Restrictive covenants 

Disputes can often occur when one landowner seek to limit the use of neighbouring land by relying on a restrictive covenant.  We have years of experience advising on such matters, so let us help you today.


If you are the owner of a commercial property occupied by squatters we can help advise on the correct proceedings in order for you to recover possession.  


If your use and enjoyment of your own property is affected by the behaviour use and occupation of a nearby property there are circumstances where this may amount to a nuisance and you may be able to take action to stop this.  This is a complex area upon which you should seek professional advice. 

This is not an exhaustive list of disputes that we can help you with. If your problem does not appear here, we are confident we can still help to resolve your commercial property dispute.

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