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Buying A New Home - The Process

The majority of people are unfamiliar with what to expect when they are moving house. As conveyancing experts, we are often asked how long until completion and what the next step in the process is.

Below is a brief outline of what the legal process involves but there is no substitute for speaking to Lorraine, Caroline or Fiona.

  1. A purchase is negotiated either through estate agents or privately.
  2. The client then instructed us to act for them in their sale by signing our Terms of Engagement letter.
  3. We will then write to the seller's solicitor to request a Contract Pack. We will also order searches.
  4. After reviewing the Contract Pack and the search results, we will raise any necessary enquiries with the seller's solicitors.
  5. We will check the sellers solicitor's responses to enquiries and seek further clarification if necessary.
  6. We receive the client's mortgage offer and ensure that we comply with the lender's conditions.
  7. We arrange for our client to sign the Contract and Mortgage Deed.
  8. We request and balance monies required from the client for the payment of the deposit, legal fees, search fees etc.
  9. A completion date is negotiated and agreed.
  10. Exchange of Contracts takes place setting the completion date in stone.
  11. Mortgage funds are requested from the client's lender.
  12. On completion, purchase monies sent to the seller's solicitor and keys to the property are released to the purchaser.
  13. We receive signed Transfer from seller's solicitor and forward to the Land Registry to register our client as the owner of the property.

If you are in any doubt about your potential purchase or have any questions relating to purchasing a new property please call us now.

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