An Evening With John Bishop

Last night, a brave posse of Clough & Willis staff and guests risked the banter of well known Liverpool comedian, John Bishop, on his warm up tour at the new refurbished Met in Bury. This gem of entertainment in Bury has recently undergone a substantial overhaul and is looking pretty amazing. Even John thought he had come to the wrong venue when he arrived. 

Staring off with a great meal at the Automatic Cafe, we then sauntered up to our seats (via the fabulous new bar) to sit and wait for John with a few minutes to spare. Alas, he was a little late starting.....a tale which he did get round to telling us about involving watching his son dancing in London and missing trains........(it was funny on the night!) 

John entertained us for about 45 minutes with new stories and jokes, many of which we will hopefully see on his next tour. After the break, he bravely entered into a Q&A session with the good people of Bury. A strong heart was needed to answer questions on how did he start in comedy, what advice he could give Dad on dealing with a 14 year old son (poor Dylan from Woodhey, immortalised forever in the minds of the audience), his wife's view of his recent interview with Pamela Anderson and flirting with sexy vegetarians and ending up with an explanation of how he ended up In Radcliffe once at "Waxing for Men" to be waxed for his Sporting Relief challenge. 

Luckily we all managed to avoid having to get up a take a comfort break during the performance and thus attracting his eagle eye and sharp banter. John entertained us for about two hours and will be at The Met again tonight. A great show and a fantastic example of the fine artists which come to Bury to perform at the Met - a great hidden gem of Bury and well worth vesting if you have not already.