Deed of Gift

This is the document that legally transfers ownership of an unmortgaged property, or a share in that home, from you to another person (a Donee) where no payment is required. The experiences and knowledgeable property law experts at Clough & Willis are happy to discuss the ins and outs of this process and advise you on the potential benefits and consequences of proceeding.

While most Deed of Gift transfers are carried out between trusted family members and run without incident, there are potential pitfalls within the process. We are here to help you negotiate any problems that arise along the way, and provide advice based on your individual circumstances.

Associated Risks

There are a number of general risks connected to gifting your property which should always be considered before proceeding with a transfer. These include:

  • Death of the Donee
  • Bankruptcy of one of the parties
  • Divorce of the Donee
  • Long Term Care
  • Inheritance Tax issues
  • Capital Gains Tax issues
  • The loss of Right of Occupation

We can help you to put necessary arrangements in place employing the use of trusts, which can protect against some of these risks.

Our friendly and professional Private Client Team will be more than happy to discuss how to achieve your personal aims and help you negotiate a smooth transfer process. 

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