Professional Negligence - Family Law Solicitor

Family law solicitors are in a unique position.  Their input will usually have more influence on your life and financial security moving forward than any other professional.  If they get it wrong, it can have a devastating impact on your future.  I have set out below a few common examples of where it could go wrong:


If you were divorced after 1st December 2000, ask yourself the following:
Were you previously married to a police officer, member of the armed forces or otherwise someone with a good sized final salary/ public sector pension?  Did you receive less than half of it because you had a smaller pension of your own to take into account? Or, did you receive other assets instead of having a full share of that pension?
If a pensions actuary was not engaged to provide a correct valuation of your spouses pension and the answer to the above questions is 'yes', then you may be entitled to tens of thousands of pounds or more in compensation. You will usually also be entitled to interest on that sum!
This is a clear way to address your own ticking pension time bomb and doesn't involve your ex-partner at all! Contact us today on 0800 083 0815.

Were all assets disclosed?

If you reached a financial settlement and it has become apparent that not all assets were disclosed to you then your solicitor may have been negligent.  Even if that is not the case and the fault is with your spouse having mislead your solicitor or the court, it may be possible to reopen the terms of the settlement. Working with the family team, I will be able to properly advise you on the best course of action.

Failure to protect assets 

A common example would be where the family home or other property is held in the sole name of one person and your solicitor failed to advise you on the steps necessary to prevent a disposal or dealing with that property and which causes you loss.  This could include placing a protective notice at the land registry or obtaining a financial injunction.  

None of the above situations involve your former spouse or their solicitors. They are not contacted or required in any way. 

I am an expert in professional negligence.  Working with our family law team I can obtain your file of papers and review them at no initial cost to you. I will be able to establish whether your solicitor may have been negligent.

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