Would You Remarry Your Ex?

A survey recently carried out by Relate suggests that one in four divorcees regrets their split. The question is would you want to be a "boomerang couple”?

That is to say, a couple who divorced and then remarried.

I suppose the level of bitterness and acrimony sometimes experienced by people going through separation and divorce can be proportionate to the initial level of attachment and bond experienced at the outset. Whether there is any direct correlation I would not know.

My own experience confirms that whilst it takes two to undertake a marriage, it also takes two to effect a non acrimonious parting of the ways.

Comments on the survey have included the following:-
"Great stories, lifts the spirits. I wish them all the best.”
"Marry my ex? I'd rather jump off the Empire State Building and slit my own throat on the way down.”

It just goes to show that it is all about different strokes and different folks.

My personal opinion is that everyone should be married two, three, four or even five times in a lifetime!