According to new data the number of people making applications to the Court for financial provision doubled last year. Many of these include couples who did not use a solicitor to finalise their financial arrangements and implement a complete clean break between them at the time of their divorce. The new data also showed there was a considerable drop in the approval of clean break orders following the recession in 2008 when many couples felt that they could not justify spending any surplus cash on solicitor’s fees. Unfortunately, these figures show that any saving they thought they made at the time has proved to be more costly in the long term not just in terms of legal fees but also the stress associated with contested court proceedings which could have been avoided had they taken expert legal advice at the time of separation.

We are therefore committed to constantly reminding our clients how important it is to obtain a court order to terminate any future financial claims following an uncontested divorce.

We recommend that you read our earlier blogs on this subject including the well known case of Vince – v – Wyatt 2015 which, although extreme, gives you a stark reminder of the pitfalls of trying to avoid spending a few hundred pounds on getting your legal affairs in order as soon as possible following your separation/divorce.