Adultery and the new Divorce Applications

As from 7th August 2017, the new Application Form introduced by an amendment to the Family Procedure Rules must be used by anyone applying for a divorce.

Although the new Form has been introduced with a view to making it simple to complete, the Form has increased from 8 to 15 pages long!

Most people dealing with the breakdown of a marriage will be daunted by having to complete the new form without the benefit of specialist legal advice form an experienced Family Law Solicitors. 

In cases where a marriage has broken down as a result of an adulterous relationship, the Form appears to encourage the naming of the third party involved. 

Clough & Willis believe this is a backward step.  We have been advising clients for many years not to do this because it can complicate, delay, increase legal costs and above all, increase acrimony.

We have already experienced an increase in new enquiries for advice in relation to the new Application Form.  

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